a clothesline in the summer sun with childrens dresses in pastel colors
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I want
to dance
through flowered meadows
in the spring
to turn my face
to touch the shining wind
as rain brings freshness to the air.

I want
to feel the fields
reach toward returning geese
and hear them greet
familiar lands
where young fish rise
in shallow pools
and birdsong rises
to the clouds.

I want
to smell the sweetness
of the cottonwood,
to see its drifts
of summer white
as plumes of seeds release
and seek a moist nest
in the earth.

I want
to chase a cloud of fireflies
running in my garden boots
as I catch them…

Pentagon comes clean about UAPs in a new report.

image of an alien ship hovering over a prairie road with two large robots walking nearby
by Artie_Navarre from Pixabay

Pressure from the public and key lawmakers resulted in their report.

This year, the Pentagon finally came clean about videos of UFOs that had been circulating on the net for some time. They prefer to call them unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

They were surprisingly open about the unknown objects recorded by pilots over the years. They also shared data recorded by sensors on several ships from events that occurred in 2019.

When the USS Omaha was swarmed by a group of unknown objects for several hours, onboard technicians frantically tried to identify them. This happened in July 2019 but the military only recently confirmed the incident.

The images that were released…

There are nine specific steps.

White buildings with blue wood doors and window shutters and a pink bougainvilla in the foreground.
Photo by Dimitris Kiriakakis on Unsplash

Dan Buettner, an author and longevity expert founded “Blue Zones”, an organization in the United States that is dedicated to the creation of healthy communities in the country.

The original concept came from studies done by Gianni Pes and Michel Poulain. They detailed their findings in the Journal of Experimental Gerontology.

Buettner and National Geographic joined forces to figure out what factors contribute to longevity. They studied areas all over the world where there are a large number of people who live long and healthy lives. …

Bring that into your relationships.

a Mardi Gras parade celebrant with feathers and a mask
Be Yourself Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

When people first meet each other, they tend to put their best foot forward.

It’s human nature.

You want to be attractive, so you show your best side.

You put the worn, torn bits behind you.

At first, you might pretend that those bits don’t exist.

You think about making a fresh start and you’re determined to stick with the new version of your personality.

When people are in their aliveness at the beginning of a relationship, their hormones change.

They are lit up and everything seems possible.

Then, because they felt so great at the beginning, they assume it will continue.


Relationships | Inspiration | Creativity

So Does Everything You Create

fractal-2573303_1280 by dawnydawny on Pixabay

When you create something new, pay attention to your intentions.

Whether it’s a new business or product or a new relationship, your energy will affect how your creation is viewed by others.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Everyone’s soul has a unique energy vibration.

There are gifted people who can read soul records (called Akashic records). These records are energy imprints. Each one contains information about the unique gifts, energy vibrations, rhythms, talents and abilities of that soul.

Similar souls resonate. They are drawn into soul groups with each other.

Because they resonate, they interact in relationships called clusters or families. I call them familiarity groups.

It’s an interesting way to perceive…

These Blue Zone habits also support longevity.


There’s one thing we have that no one can take away.

Our memories.

Your first kiss, learning how to ride a bike, drive a car, your graduation. No matter what your memory of an event is, it belongs to you.

Your Memories Are Unique

Studies have shown that different people can experience the same event, but they remember completely different things.

I might recall how well the speaker was dressed and you might remember the irritating way they dropped the microphone as they fumbled their notes. That’s called selective attention and a lot of interesting studies have been performed to illustrate how it affects our memories.

Do you remember this video, where you’re challenged…

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