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It’s not just food companies that have an issue with their branding.

Aunt Jemima erased 100 years of branding in 2020, in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd.

  • The public became enraged and a well-placed TikTok video added to the pressure to finally address the racist branding.

This food company and many others knew they had a branding problem for years, but it took public pressure and the added backlash of the BLM movement to motivate them to change.

The problem of racist branding extends into the sports world.

Edmonton Eskimos football team

In Edmonton, various sports teams have used the name Eskimo, including baseball, hockey, and football.

The same year Eskimo pies were created was the first year the Edmonton Eskimos football team…

The story of the Nazi symbol and the Confederate Flag

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Early Confederate Flag Design by from

Both are enduring symbols of an army that lost a war.

Why did one country reject the Swastika and the other country keep the Confederate Flag?

The U.S. continues to defend the rights of hate groups under the umbrella of free speech.

In contrast, Germany has managed to successfully walk a fine line between free speech and hate speech.

Here’s an example.

  • In America in 1978, neo-Nazis wanted to march in Illinois.
  • The march was clearly intended to target a large population of Holocaust survivors living there.
  • The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) defended the neo-Nazi group’s right to free speech, which caused some of their members to resign.
  • In the…

Inspiration4 and SpaceX are launching the first all civilian spaceflight.

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Have you ever dreamed of going on a Spaceflight?

I was eleven when Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon and becoming an astronaut was a dream that felt achievable.

Then I grew up and life got in the way. My childhood dreams were set aside.

But now there's good news.

Space travel is becoming more accessible to the average person and you may be able to experience your dream in 2021.

Introducing the mission: Inspiration4

If your dream is to travel in space, here’s your chance.

The Inspiration4 mission is offering three people an opportunity to be part of the four-person crew that will be launched into orbit in the SpaceX Dragon…

Relationships | Inspiration | Creativity

So Does Everything You Create

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fractal-2573303_1280 by dawnydawny on Pixabay

When you create something new, pay attention to your intentions.

Whether it’s a new business or product or a new relationship, your energy will affect how your creation is viewed by others.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Everyone’s soul has a unique energy vibration.

There are gifted people who can read soul records (called Akashic records). These records are energy imprints. Each one contains information about the unique gifts, energy vibrations, rhythms, talents and abilities of that soul.

Similar souls resonate. They are drawn into soul groups with each other.

Because they resonate, they interact in relationships called clusters or families. I call them familiarity groups.

It’s an interesting way to perceive…

Writing | Editing

Tips To Improve Everything You Write

man with the word swoosh on his t shirt taking your picture with a camera
man with the word swoosh on his t shirt taking your picture with a camera
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These are my most commonly used notes as an editor on Medium.

Your article is missing a subtitle. Your display subtitle shows the first few lines of your text, which looks unprofessional. Add a subtitle below the title and format it using the small T format tool. Also, go into edit mode (click on the three dots), choose Change Display Title/Subtitle, and make any needed changes there.

Formatting is more important than you realize. Most people read using their phone. They’re daunted by large blocks of text. I try to keep paragraphs to 4 or 5 lines maximum.

Large blocks…

a cotton gin was a machine that removed seeds from cotton
a cotton gin was a machine that removed seeds from cotton
Cotton Gin — by from

When Britain compensated slave owners, they documented it

The result was a complete and detailed record of the names of anyone who owned a slave on August 1, 1834, the official date when slavery ended.

When historians went looking for information, they discovered the records and realized they could use them to further their research.

They established the Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slave-ownership at University College London (UCL) with the support of the .

The DATABASE is the heart of this project

It contains the identity of all slave-owners in the British colonies at the time slavery ended. …

An examination of spirituality and the afterlife.

an adult elephant and a baby
an adult elephant and a baby
Photo by on

Elephants hold space for each other’s grief, no matter how long it takes.

A talented author with a gift for weaving together complex themes, Jodi Picoult has written a masterwork about love and loss and elephants and family relationships.

On the surface, Leaving Time is a novel about a teenager trying to solve a crime, as the protagonist searches for clues surrounding an old murder and an unresolved missing persons’ case.

But there is so much more to this story.

Jenna tries to remember the tragic events of the day a long time ago when her mother left. …

The Light That Sings Inside Us

a spark of lightening pierces a purple cylinder in a deep blue background
a spark of lightening pierces a purple cylinder in a deep blue background
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Each beginning is a thought.
A small shared intention
released into the air
fusing a connection
where our minds expand
in exponential strength
to conduct the power
of the circled ones.

A gathering of choice
reveals intention that
generates the spark.

The flames expand
and circle back.

The pulling ebbs and flows
as it never has before.

We swallow fire.
Renew the source.

As we run our potency
its desire converts us all.
Within the heady atmosphere,
an overload of will exerts.

As particles fly outward
stacked rings streak away.
The energy accelerates
a wave of echoed sound and source.

20 February 2021 Saturday Poetry Prompt

hand holding a mason jar with twinkle lights
hand holding a mason jar with twinkle lights
Twinkle lights in a Jar by from

Frantically I count the moths encased in the glass jar while I hold my breath through the tumult of the tremors in my chest without realizing it there is no air entering so I gasp while their wings beat themselves to death on the walls of my heart. They go in through casings consisting of a pulsing tube surrounded by flesh, their slender silver rod is tracked as a flashing blip on banks of screens. Each one represents a piece of my body and most of them are silent, asleep. An efference copy converts internal words into messages fed into…

Tree Langdon

A merchant of dreams. ♡ I love to connect the specific to the universal in Poetry, and Fiction, exploring Worldview plots. Was a CGA/CPA in a past life.

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