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As a new writer on Medium, I confess I floundered around a bit. There was a lot to figure out and things were in flux here. I met a few very helpful writers and made some great friends who helped me out.

I wanted to share some of these tips…

Pentagon comes clean about UAPs in a new report.

image of an alien ship hovering over a prairie road with two large robots walking nearby
by Artie_Navarre from Pixabay

Pressure from the public and key lawmakers resulted in their report.

This year, the Pentagon finally came clean about videos of UFOs that had been circulating on the net for some time. They prefer to call them unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

They were surprisingly open about the unknown objects recorded by pilots over the years. …

There are nine specific steps.

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Photo by Dimitris Kiriakakis on Unsplash

Dan Buettner, an author and longevity expert founded “Blue Zones”, an organization in the United States that is dedicated to the creation of healthy communities in the country.

The original concept came from studies done by Gianni Pes and Michel Poulain. …

Bring that into your relationships.

a Mardi Gras parade celebrant with feathers and a mask
Be Yourself Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

When people first meet each other, they tend to put their best foot forward.

It’s human nature.

You want to be attractive, so you show your best side.

You put the worn, torn bits behind you.

At first, you might pretend that those bits don’t exist.

You think about making a fresh start…

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So Does Everything You Create

fractal-2573303_1280 by dawnydawny on Pixabay

When you create something new, pay attention to your intentions.

Whether it’s a new business or product or a new relationship, your energy will affect how your creation is viewed by others.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Everyone’s soul has a unique energy vibration.

There are gifted people who can read soul records (called Akashic records). These records are energy imprints. Each…

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

a hand holding a small vase of dandelions

The lowly dandelion has long been reviled in the west.

We mow it, dig it up, and use herbicides to try and get it out of our lawns. It turns out we’ve been misled.

This ‘annoying weed’ helps with digestion and will stimulate your appetite. …

Tree Langdon

A merchant of dreams. ♡ I love to connect the specific to the universal in Poetry, and Fiction, exploring Worldview plots. Was a CGA/CPA in a past life.

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