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Image by author, diving in Vietnam 2014 with ‘The Original Crew’

Hello, my name is Tree and I live on a big island off the west coast of Canada.

For most of my life, I worked in business as an accountant, in marketing, and then as a controller for a large educational institution. Eight years ago I decided to change my career path, to property management, which gave me more time for writing and travel.

I confess I‘m not going to list degrees and accomplishments here. It’s a struggle to balance my business persona with the creative poet inside me and today, the poet is winning.

I’m honored to be the mother of four lovely adults who live close enough that I can see them fairly often, but far enough away that they have their own lives. Best of all, I’m married to the love of my life.

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Join the Conversation

beautiful ceiling in a library
beautiful ceiling in a library
Library Ceiling by Cloris Ying on Unsplash

Well hello there.

In case we’ve never met, I’m Tree Langdon, an editor here at Illumination and Illumination-Curated. I’m continuously inspired by the talented writers I’ve met here. I’d really like to get to know you too.

We are proud to support different levels of writers — aspiring, experienced, accomplished, and influential. You each play an important role here.

We listen to our writers.

Small Yet Powerful Bites By Tree

Have you ever tried to go to sleep in a room with a single mosquito in it?

You lie there, clutching a sheet around your head as a protective covering, listening to the shrill whine as it searches for a way in. …


Join The Conversation —October 13, 2020

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Windsurfer by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Welcome back.

I’m Tree Langdon, an editor here at Words In Motion. I’m so inspired by the talented writers I’ve met here, and I’m always interested in your point of view.

We have welcomed twenty-nine talented writers to Words In Motion so far and have featured their stories, including a selection of previously published ones that are featured as “Writer’s Choice”.

You can navigate there from our main page. This article features newly published stories.

New writers — Did you notice my recent writer’s challenge? There was so much positive feedback, I’m keeping this challenge open for a while longer. I’d love to see more of your Oldies But Goodies. …

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Write a Preface for Your Book

a stack of books with glasses on top
a stack of books with glasses on top
Photo by Aneta Pawlik on Unsplash

A Preface is an introduction to a book or story that is written by the author.

It’s a teaser and a marketing tool, designed to introduce the book and sometimes introduce the author if they are unknown.

My Challenge to members of the Fiction Club is to write the Preface to your book. Put a link to a chapter or two in the story and be sure to tag me so I can feature your story on the Illumination page.

This can be a book you are writing, or a book you want to write. …

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Be In the Moment

circular swirls of blue and gold
circular swirls of blue and gold
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

Years ago I decided to start running.

I hated it. Most of the run was spent thinking about the end. When would I get there? How much longer did I have to go before I could stop this awful thing that hurt so much?

I asked a good friend, who was a runner, for their advice.

He told me to change how I thought about running. Instead of focusing on the end, I should focus on each step as I was taking it. One step at a time, I would eventually reach my goal.

It completely changed my experience.

I don’t know about you, but right now I’ve slipped into the bad habit of focusing on the end goal. We talk about it all the time. …

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You Can Take a Break

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Photo by Iulia Mihailov on Unsplash

I know I don’t usually write, but this is a special moment and I want to be sure you’re recognized.

By the way, I’ve invited Spirit to be here with me for this beautiful moment. It’s nice to know we can take a moment and share this together.

I’ve been learning a lot about you and I realize how amazing you are and how powerful, and how grateful I am that you’ve stuck with me for so long.

I don’t think I’d have made it if you hadn’t been there for me.

It’s been a long journey, and a lot of the time I needed to stay safe and you knew just how to do it. All the watching and measuring of people’s behavior: helped us know just how to react in certain circumstances. …


Robber Baron Landlords 6

A green window and door on a clean white wall
A green window and door on a clean white wall
The Green Door by Free-Photos from Pixabay

For some reason, we decided more would be better.

I starting scouring the papers for real estate deals. When we saw a listing in our price range (low), the one question to answer was ‘does it cash flow?’

The rents had to be high enough and our down payment had to be high enough to allow the rents to pay the mortgage, as well as taxes, with a little bit of money left over. We weren’t trying to live on the rents, just find something where the tenant would be paying for the place.

Then I had a great conversation with an investor friend of ours. …

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Try Scrivener

Old book, opened on a table, handwriting inside
Old book, opened on a table, handwriting inside
by Pezibear from Pixabay

Scrivener is a writing program designed for the way writers think.

Scrivener allows you to draft, edit, and compile related documents in one place. You can easily find the piece of dialogue or section of writing you are searching for, without hunting through multiple word files or piles of paper.

This software works for the fiction writer who is working on a complex novel with many characters and settings, as well as the writer who submits columns for a variety of publications and websites.

Scrivener was designed as a flexible tool and I was delighted to discover it works for me. …

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Join the Conversation

flashing lights in a dance club
flashing lights in a dance club
Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash

When Dr Mehmet Yildiz created the ILLUMINATION Fiction and Poetry Clubs the response was exciting. Many writers welcomed the initiative and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback.

He proposed that we need to come together as a community in order to tap into our readership.

  • Create visibility by creating a biography.
  • Join our community on Slack to collaborate and share information.
  • Promote our writing on Quora while supporting each other.
  • Create a mailing list and a newsletter is an essential step to success.

Illumination recently created a new channel on our Slack workspace called #mailinglists-and-newsletters. It’s intended to provide a space to share links to your mailing lists. If you aren’t sure where to create your mailing list, go to that channel and see what our writers are doing. …

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It’s A Sorting Hat

A pug wearing a bright yellow toque
A pug wearing a bright yellow toque
The Sorting Hat by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

When I was a young girl, I fell in love with stories. Our family were avid readers and our favorite weekly outing was to the library where we would spend hours, browsing the stacks.

I loved reading and then I discovered I also love writing.

Given my history with self-help books and libraries, it was interesting but inevitable, that another book is becoming responsible for the books I am writing.

I’m always falling down rabbit holes on the internet. One day I discovered the Story Grid Podcast and I was hooked.

The Story Grid is a tool that editor Shawn Coyne developed during his years as an editor. He has over twenty-five years of experience in New York publishing, working for the Big Five. …


Tree Langdon

A merchant of dreams. ♡ I love to connect the specific to the universal in Poetry, and Fiction, exploring Worldview plots. Was a CGA/CPA in a past life.

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