I discovered a technique to spark inspiration.

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I sparked my creative juices, improved my writing, and became more efficient at my craft.

All I had to do was accept a challenge.

Recently, I read an intriguing post from Priyanka Srivastava.

It was an invitation to participate in the National Poetry Writing Month 2021. I had a look at the prompts and was interested.

A side note — I love a good challenge and have sometimes been called the ‘Queen of Follow-through’, so I try to be selective.

We were invited to submit the poems to Literary Impulse, a Medium publication that showcases inspiring writing.

My intention was to write only to the prompts that inspired me. I wasn’t going to attempt them…

So Does Everything They Create

Photo by Brands&People on Unsplash

Your creations have a vibrational energy that comes from within them.

This energy is generated by you but it’s also affected by the tools you use to create them.

When you pick up your tools and create art, when you cook a meal or build a structure, your energy imbues the creation with an energy of its own.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Everyone’s soul has a unique energy vibration.

There are gifted people who can read soul records (Akashic records). These records are energy imprints. …

Don’t cheat the man.

Photo by Ramy Kabalan on Unsplash

We all remember that guy.

He’s the quiet one, the one you thought was so serious until he smiled.

And when he smiled at you, his eyes had that little crinkle on the edges and there was that tiny crease, a dimple on the right side of his mouth.

But then there was that moment when he opened the door to his apartment and the bubble popped.

You wondered how he could find anything in all that mess.

When a woman visits a single man’s house, disorder is a very big turnoff. Neatness shows stability and that’s appealing.

Many people…

Bring that into your relationships.

Be Yourself Photo by Thomas Park on Unsplash

When people first meet each other, they tend to put their best foot forward.

It’s human nature.

You want to be attractive, so you show your best side.

You put the worn, torn bits behind you.

At first, you might pretend that those bits don’t exist.

You think about making a fresh start and you’re determined to stick with the new version of your personality.

When people are in their aliveness at the beginning of a relationship, their hormones change.

They are lit up and everything seems possible.

Then, because they felt so great at the beginning, they assume it will continue.


Relationships | Inspiration | Creativity

So Does Everything You Create

fractal-2573303_1280 by dawnydawny on Pixabay

When you create something new, pay attention to your intentions.

Whether it’s a new business or product or a new relationship, your energy will affect how your creation is viewed by others.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Everyone’s soul has a unique energy vibration.

There are gifted people who can read soul records (called Akashic records). These records are energy imprints. Each one contains information about the unique gifts, energy vibrations, rhythms, talents and abilities of that soul.

Similar souls resonate. They are drawn into soul groups with each other.

Because they resonate, they interact in relationships called clusters or families. I call them familiarity groups.

It’s an interesting way to perceive…

This one’s on every cowboy bucket list

Photo by Vinny O'Hare on Unsplash

It’s one of the most anticipated week-long events in the fall.

Come to Pendleton on Sept. 11–18 for the Round-Up.

The Round-Up in Pendleton is a “bucket list” rodeo for competitors and spectators alike.

Filled with fun activities for the whole family as well as fierce competition in a variety of events, this is one rodeo that’s got something for everyone.

Dress Up Parade

Sept 11, 2021 10:00 AM — 11:30 PM

The fun-filled week starts with a Dress Up Parade, put on by the Main Street Cowboys. The parade goes through downtown and ends up at the rodeo grounds.

Native American Indians in the 2016 Parade

Kick-Off Concert

Next, there’s a concert on Saturday…

Tree Langdon

A merchant of dreams. ♡ I love to connect the specific to the universal in Poetry, and Fiction, exploring Worldview plots. Was a CGA/CPA in a past life.

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